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How to Add Date Time Stamp to Photos when Importing them in Windows 10?

Did you want to Import your all photos to some another device, then don’t worry Windows 10 provides amazing software called as Windows Photo Gallery. No doubt, it’s a very great option with multiple features. So the Windows Photos Gallery will always recommend that used to add date and time also with the picture name or the camera storage device. Usually, the formats are like “YYYYMMDDHHMMSS” or just “YYYY-MM-DD,” as it totally depends on your operating system or the format you choose.

However, when you Windows has updated, then this was automatically removed as a default action since the Windows Photos Gallery was no longer be supported in the Windows 10 operating system. Many of the users are required this option as it makes easy to organize or manage or find any of your files in sequential order.

In this blog, we provide you every information about this feature and how to use it. And the process of How to add date time stamp to name the pictures, while importing them in Windows 10. The steps are discussing below:

Steps to Add Date Time Stamp to Photos when Importing them in Windows 10

To attach the date time and stamp to photos while importing them in Windows 10, you need to follow few simple steps. These steps are easy to understand but you need to follow in sequential order, it will help you in avoiding errors and saves your much time and takes fewer efforts. The steps are mentioning below:

1. Right-click on the desktop screen. Then, select the “New” option. Click on Shortcut option.

2. Now, it will ask for location; then you need to Copy Paste the given line:

· %SystemRoot%\system32\rundll32.exe "%SystemDrive%\Program Files\Windows Photo Viewer\photoAcq.dll",PhotoAndVideoAcquire

3. Alternatively, click on Next tab.

4. Click to add any “Specified Name,” for your Shortcut.

5. Now, import your entire picture with Date, Time. Click on “Save” option.

6. Then, you need to “Connect your Camera.” To Launch the importer, you need to double-click on it. Then, it will auto-detect your cameras, and prompt you to choose it.

7. Then, Select and Import.

Finally, all photos have successfully import on your Windows Photos Gallery on Windows 10.

So, before the actual import, you can just preconfigure all the feature things that are given below:

· You need to add “Tags” to all the photos that you want to import.

· By clicking on the Advanced Options, you can easily configure save location for images, videos, and the folder name has Data and name added. And the file name might include the date, time and also name added together.

Moreover, you have another option i.e, delete all your files directly from the camera, after completing the Importing, you need to open your internet explorer, and then rotate all your pictures on import.

Before importing the images and videos, we suggest seeing the preview of both. After checking the preview of both, you can also hop few imports by unmarking the box given next to the option. However, this software will also provide you the feature to see photos in groups which is in simple words and also grouped by dates. Finally, you can select to import only that new ones to hop all the duplicate file import.

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